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I'm Dr. Joel Ying, MD.
This is my dream development page. 
  • STORYTELLING in the Oral Tradition is my passion and my peace work.
    • Join Mailing List for Southwest Florida Storytelling
    • FGCU Events: JoelYing.com/fgcu
      • Teaching Artist Storyteller Series - Professional Storytellers visit the campus for Performance, Q&A, Classroom Visits, Speeches, and Workshops. Sponsored by the Dept of Language and Literature. Organized by Dr. Joel Ying and Prof. Lori Cornelius.
      • Storytelling Slam Series at Wasmer Art Gallery, emcee: Dr. Joel Ying. Sponsored by the Dept of Language and Literature and the Wasmer Art Gallery. Students, Faculty, and Community put their names in the hat to tell 5 - 7 minute stories on the theme of the evening. FREE and OPEN to the PUBLIC.
      • Course: "Storytelling as Healing" (full semester undergraduate course), Instructor Dr. Joel Ying, Dept of Integrated Studies.
        • Student Showcase Event
      • FGCU Storytelling Circle (Registered Student Organization), promoting storytelling as an art that creates community and connection.
      • Storyteller in Residence (This is a position that I am dreaming... Do you have suggestions?)
        • Perform Storytelling Programs as a Teaching Artist in Residence (Storytelling as Performance Art)
        • Organize the Teaching Artist Storyteller Series of Professional Tellers
        • Apply for Grant to create a Florida Storyteller Series (supporting storytellers across the state of Florida to bring their talent to FGCU)
        • Contact foundations and private donors to support the storytelling series each year.
        • Find funding for a current position and endowment for the future
        • Support the Student Organization
        • Teach Storytelling Workshops to other departments for faculty and guest lecture with students
        • Bring Storyteller/Speaker/Workshop programs that collaborate between the different departments of Business/Marketing, Communication, Language and Literature, Education, Performing Arts, Health Sciences
        • Liaison with other schools and organizations to support events and storytelling speakers.
        • Create healing circles of storytelling to create community and connection. (Storytelling as a Community Art)
        • Teach and encourage storytelling circle facilitation.
        • Support storytelling as a healing art in the mental health department. (Storytelling as a Healing Art)
        • Liason with WGCU to get storytellers on the radio and also to promote events.
        • Promote the Storytelling Events on Campus to students and faculty: flyers, emails, calendars, word of mouth
        • Press release to local newspapers and calendars
        • Create an online presence for storytelling at FGCU.
        • Collaborate with organizations like Sidewalk Talk, Green Table Talk
    • Courses: JoelYing.com/courses
    • Showcase Events:
    • Storytelling Groups
    • Dr. Joel Ying, Storyteller Website - My personal storytelling resume online.

Thank you for visiting and supporting the dream.
Please contact me with ideas and suggestions.

Dr. Joel Ying, MD